General Information

Official Language

The official language of the Conference is English. 

Local Language

Hindi & English


September is one of the best months to travel to India. The days are slightly humid and hotter BUT temperature is relatively low during evenings and night. During the days of the Conference, the temperature is likely to be between 10-25 Celsius with sun shine/cloudy. Woollen clothing is not required. 

Letter of Invitation

Upon request, the Conference Secretariat will send a personal letter of invitation to facilitate obtaining grant or VISA for participation in the Conference. However, this does not imply any financial support towards expenses for attending the Conference, such as registration, travel and hotel accommodation. 


All Visitors travelling from overseas will require a VISA which can be obtained from the Indian missions abroad. One should possess a valid passport. 


1 Euro = 70 INR
1 USD = 53 INR
1 GBP = 86 INR
1 AUD = 55 INR
1 JPY = 0.65 INR

The above currency values are as on date. Click here to calculate the approximate current currency values. The above rate of exchange changes every day therefore the current date rate to be taken at the time of calculation.


The line voltage for electricity is 220 A.C., 50 Hz. Most hotels provide 110 volt A.C. points for electric shavers.

During Sight Seeing

  • Always remove your shoes before entering a holy place such as a temple, gurudwara (Sikh temple) or mosque. You may also be required to cover your head. In general, dress conservatively at a place of worship. Avoid wearing clothes that bare your arms, shoulders and legs.
  • Some Hindu temples do not permit leather articles and are not open to Non-Hindus.
  • Most museums in India are closed on Mondays.
  • TajMahal at Agra remains closed on Fridays.
  • If the sun is strong,remember to use sunscreen on exposed parts of the body. Wear sunglasses to screen out harmful rays.
  • Smoking is not allowed at all public places; some restaurants have designated smoking areas.


India has only one time zone which covers the entire country. Indian Standard Time (IST) is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of GMT.

Safety and Security  

  • Follow the same rules of safety that you follow while travelling anywhere else with respect to using hotel safe deposit boxes and keeping travel documents safe.
  • When in public places, keep them in your hotel or with you all the time when moving about.
  • Always carry the hotel address with you when you leave the hotel.
  • Restrictions on Export of Articles 
  • Export of all wild animals indigenous to the country and articles made from such listed animals like skins, pelts, furs, ivory, rhino horns, and trophies are totally banned.
  • Banned items do not include peacock feathers and handicrafts made from them.
  • Antiques which include sculpture, painting or other works of arts or crafts illustrative of science, art, craft, religion of bygone ages and of historical interest which have been in existence for not less than 100 years may not be exported from India.
  • Manuscripts or other documents of scientific, historical literary or aesthetic value in existence for not less that seventy five years: art treasures not necessarily antiques but of artistic or aesthetic value, also cannot be exported out of India


  • Keep extra photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport in a safe place.
  • Taxi and auto-rickshaw fares keep changing, and therefore do not always conform to readings on meters. Insist on seeing the latest rate card, available with the driver, and pay accordingly. Avoid taxis that pick up additional passengers.
  • Be wary of impostor porters or guides. Assure that they are properly uniformed or identified. Never leave your luggage, briefcase, laptops or other items unattended.
  • Insist on the taxi / auto meter being flagged down in your presence.
  • In cities you can change most major foreign currencies and brands of travellers’ cheques  but you’ll widen your options and save yourself hassles if you stick to US dollars or pounds sterling. 


While every attempt will be made to ensure that all aspects of the conference mentioned in this announcement are adhered to, the organizing committee reserves the right to make such changes as may be necessary. The organizing committee will not be liable for any personal loss, accident or damages to person or belongings of participants or accompanying persons.

This Conference is tobacco-free.

Technical Co-Sponsor
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America Cancer Society Australia India Council Asian Heart Institute
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campaign For Tabacco Free Kid Central For Disease Control And Prevention
Alliance Healis Economics Association of India
International Development Research Center International Union for Health Promotion and Education Indian Dental Association
Medical Student Association of India International Institute For Health And Welfare Oral Cancer Foundation
World Bank Tobacco Control Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centre
Tobacco Induced Diseases us national cancer institute World Heart Federation